Best wifi cards for Hackintosh laptop and PC.

Last Updated: 2020-07-15T23:43:09

Building a Hackintosh is a kind of a headache. In some computers, it is very easy but in some even reaching the installer is like achieving a milestone. Even though most of the parts like the touchpad, Graphics, touchscreen etc. can be made to work via some DSDT patching but for unsupported WIFI’s it requires a direct replacement with a supported one because Apple has very limited support for WIFI hardwares. Even you can use a USB WIFI but most features that rely on WIFI will be unusable and also due to poor driver support it will likely give rise to some bugs or glitches. Here in this list, we have listed some best wifi cards that are cheap and has full macOS support.

Note 1: Some laptop manufacturers (like Lenovo) tend to whitelist wifi cards in bios for some laptops. In this case, if your newly purchased wifi card is not included in your bios it will not work, So before purchasing please confirm that your laptop has no whitelisted wifi cards.

Note 2: There are two types of wifi card used in laptops, one is mini PCIe and another is m.2 NGFF. Most new laptops nowadays use m.2 NGFF cards but before buying any wifi card make sure that your laptop supports it, otherwise, you have to buy another. To determine wheater your laptop uses a mini PCI-E card or m.2 NGFF search for your existing wifi card on google or if you already bought the card then you can use an NGFF adapter.

#For Laptops/Notebooks

Mini PCI-E cards.

1. Azurewave Broadcom BCM4352.

This Broadcom wifi card is natively supported in macOS. It is a dual channel card with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, it also features inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 So if you use iPhone you will able to use features like Handoff. It uses the latest 802.11 ac Standard. This card will work in every macOS version but at first, it requires some patching to be done.


2. Dell dw1510

This dell card is based on Broadcom BCM94322. It is natively supported in macOS and the good news is that this card requires no patching nor any kext to work, just insert the card and start using it. But this card lacks Bluetooth and also doesn’t uses the latest 802.11 ac standard. However, for just $9 you can’t complain about it.


3. Dell dw 1702.

Dell dw 1702 is also a very good and OSX compatible wifi card based on Atheros ar9285 chip. This card is supported by macOS but it doesn’t works Out of the box, you need to install kext or patch your dsdt with the corresponding kext to make it work forever without any hiccups.

NGFF m.2 cards.

1. Dell DW 1820a

This dell wifi card is based on the Broadcom BCM94350ZAE. This Broadcom chip is also found in some wifi card for MacBook pro. To get it working you need to install some kexts and DSDT patching can be needed, however, it depends on what version of macOS you are currently running.If you want this card for cheap I suggest you to buy from aliexpress instead of Amazon.


2. Dell dw 1560.

Ah, another dell wifi card! This card is based on the Broadcom BCM4352 chip. This card is fully supported by macOS but requires some basic patching and some kext. It is a dual channel card with inbuilt Bluetooth but it is a bit expensive just like the above dw1820, so If your budget is low or want it for cheap then you should buy this from aliexpress.

#For PC.


This is the most popular wifi card in the Hackintosh field. It is used by most of the Hackintosh builders. This card features 2 frequency band and comes with 3 antennae. This card is compatible with macOS, it requires no patching and kext and works out of the box. The disadvantage of this card is that the maximum speed is only 450mbps despite having a 5Ghz band but overall this card is cheap as compared to other wifi cards out there.


2. Asus PCE-AC68.

This card is based on BCM94360. It is a bit expensive but it offers speed up-to 1.3 Gbps, it has 3 antennas so you get very strong signal and speed. It is compatible with macOS out of the box and doesn’t require any kind of patching or kext because the Broadcom chip it uses is also used in real MacBooks.