MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6(Final) DMG direct download

Last Updated: Wed Jul 15 2020

Apple macOS high Sierra was the 13 instalment of the Mac operating system. Like its predecessors, it brings so many new features including a brand new file system. Other major features upgrades include new photos app with better editing tools, faster and better safari with almost 80% fast javascript rendering than chrome (at the time of its launch). Apart from these feature updates macOS high sierra also includes many bug fixes and security enhancements.

Now in 2018 as macOS Mojave is released I would highly recommend you to install macOS Mojave on your mac because it contains many bug fixes, new features and also apfs file system is more stable as compared to macOS high sierra. But if your mac is not supported by macOS mojave then you can download macOS high sierra from these download links.

This article contains links which can be installed on a real mac as well as can be used to build a Hackintosh.

Download from the apple app store.

macOS high sierra can still be downloaded from the official app store, whenever Apple releases a new version of macOS they make the older version of macOS hidden but still they can be accessed and installed on a mac.

To download macOS high sierra from apple app store go to this link, it will automatically open the app store if you are opening the link on a mac.

Download using the macOS High sierra patcher tool.

Many have reported that the file downloaded from the official Apple app store is of only 20MB but the actual size of the setup of macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 is 4.9GB. The issue is not fixed till now and is still present. Those who have faced this issue you can use this method to download the full setup of macOS High Sierra from apple servers.

The patch tool is developed by Collin to install macOS high sierra on unsupported Macs. The primary job of the tool is to patch the installer so it can be installed on unsupported Macs but through this tool, you can also download the installer.

To download the full macOS high sierra installer simply download the tool from the developer’s Google drive then run the tool.

Now, from the toolbar click on “Tools” and then click the download option, then wait for the download to complete and the installer will appear in the Apps folder.

Download using torrent (Official .app).

If you prefer using torrents or have limited bandwidth per day then you can also download the installer using torrent. This is the official App present in the app store and not modified for Hackintosh, So you can use it to upgrade your mac.

Download macOS high sierra torrent

Download from Apple’s server.

The download links present in this section are from Apple’s server directly. You can download every version of macOS from the apple server directly. However you will not get a single .app format from it, they are in dmg format and are multiple files and cannot be used directly to upgrade your system to macOS high sierra. But you can use these images to make a bootable USB from these images use can restore the images from disk utility into a USB drive and try to boot with it. A more detailed guide can be found in but it is Hackintosh focused but it will also work on a real mac.

The direct download links for macOS high sierra 10.13.6 from Apple’s servers are:-


Download macOS high sierra dmg for Hackintosh.

This dmg image is converted from the macOS high sierra 10.13.6 app. It is only for building Hackintosh. The dmg already includes clover bootloader, so you can restore the image and install the OS on your pc. Here in HackintoshPro, we have a much detailed guide on how to install macOS high sierra on pc.

Download macOS high sierra from mega


While macOS Mojave is released macOS high sierra still can be download and installed from the app store. If you are looking for installing or upgrading to high sierra on a mac I highly recommend you to download the app from the Apple app store because it is the easiest method, but if in some case you are not able to download the app from app store then try downloading the dmg files from the Apple’s servers directly and create a bootable USB from it and then install it on your mac.


Bob Knob · Mon Apr 08 2019 · Reply
1. The app store download is a 20mb file, not the full installation. This problem is widely known across the internet. 2. The "download from Apple's server" links work, but it is entirely unclear how that guide at InsanelyMac will "work on a real Mac". As soon as they start with the directions for using the BDU Windows app it's a flop.

manash · Fri Jun 07 2019 · Reply
Updated with another way to download the full Installer ;)

coco · Thu May 09 2019 · Reply
passwords mega please

manash · Thu May 09 2019 · Reply
The file is not password protected

Jane · Wed Jun 26 2019 · Reply
The torrent link downloads a DMG, not the APP file, and the checksums don't match the github list

Manash · Wed Jun 26 2019 · Reply
The app is inside the DMG file

Braverogerz · Tue Aug 13 2019 · Reply
Is It Preinstalled With Clover

Avasion · Thu Aug 15 2019 · Reply
can any of you give me the link on here that was the hackintosh version of 10.13.0 because 10.13.6 doesn't work for me

Manash · Thu Aug 15 2019 · Reply
Sorry I don't have the version 10.13.0

efleon9 · Sat Feb 01 2020 · Reply
Thanks bro!

Salim · Sat Aug 01 2020 · Reply
Is this preinstalled with all the efis and clover?????