How to install macOS Mojave on PC

Recently on September 26th apple launched the stable version of macOS Mojave. The new version of macOS brings so many changes, improvements and bug fixes. The new features include time-based wallpaper, Dark mode and changes to desktop and finder, along with these Mojave also brings new Apple apps such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home. With these apps, Apple is moving a step ahead to bring iOS apps to mac. Anyway, let’s get started and install macOS Mojave on PC.

Creating the install media USB.

As macOS Mojave currently in public beta, you have to enrol in the beta program of apple to download it. So at first enrol into apple beta program and download the macOS public beta access utility and then install it.


install macOS mojave on pc

Now open the app store and search for macOS Mojave and download it.

After finish downloading, insert a USB drive of minimum 8GB.

Open the terminal app and type “diskutil list” and note the external disk identifier. In the image above my external disk identifier is disk3.

In the process of maing the install media, the USB drive will be formatted. So make sure that there is no important data inside.

Now we will repartition the USB for clover bootloader and macOS Mojave.

Type the following command in terminal:

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/diskX 2 MBR FAT32 "CLOVER EFI" 200Mi HFS+J "install_osx" R

Note: Change the X from diskX in the above command according to your disk identifier. example- disk3

Download the latest Clover installer and run it. In the installer change the install location to “CLOVER EFI” to install clover into the USB drive.

Now, download this Zip file and extract it. Then copy and paste “Driver64UEFI and kexts” folder into “Clover EFI/efi/clover/”. Inside the Plist folder, there are several config.plist files for several Intel HD GPUs. Choose it according to your GPU and rename it from config_XX.plist to config.plist then copy and replace it to clover folder in USB.

Now the clover is ready, its now time to create the install media

Open your terminal and type the command written bellow.

sudo "/Applications/Install macOS" --volume  /Volumes/install_osx –nointeraction

Now, wait till the process is done and your install media is finally created.

Installing macOS into PC

Before moving to install we need to make some changes in the BIOS.

Open the BIOS and change these settings:

Intel virtualization: Off

SATA mode: AHCI (if you have windows installed in Intel RST SATA mode you have to reinstall it in ACHI mode otherwise you will face BSOD while booting windows)

Secure boot: OFF

Csm support: ON

Save and reboot

Now insert the Install media and again boot into BIOS and from the boot menu select your install media USB device.

In clover select the “install macOS Mojave beta” and press spacebar and select ‘verbose’ and then select ‘boot with selected option’

While booting the installer please be patient, it can take up to 10 minutes to boot.

After successfully reaching the installer, tap next and accept the licence agreement and open the disk utility.

In disk utility select the partition in which you want to install macOS and select erase, name the disk whatever you want and then click erase. After erase is done exit disk utility and select install macOS Mojave.

Now in the install screen select the drive you formatted with disk utility and click install. Now, wait until it’s done.

Note: while installing it will restart several times, each time it reboots you have to go to bios and select the USB drive.

After the installation process is done, do the user setup and you are done.

Post Install

After you have installed successfully, Now its time for post installation.

Even you have installed macOS Mojave successfully, you might find things like WFI, graphics, touchpad etc not working. While graphics and touchpad can be made to work but if your system has an incompatible WIFI card you must replace it with and supported one. You can check this list of Best WIFI cards for Hackintosh

Download this zip and extract it.

Open the kext wizard app and install all the kexts from the kext folder.

Now open the clover configurator app present in the zip folder. Then go to ‘mount EFI’ tab and mount your EFI partition.


Plug in your install media USB and copy the EFI folder from Clover EFI and paste it to the EFI partition you just mounted.

Now you are done but still, there is a lot of work to be done like disabling the discrete graphics card in dual GPU laptops patching dsdt for audio etc. for reference check these links:

How to Patch DSDT in Hackintosh

Disable discrete graphics in dual GPU laptops


While I have just written the guide, the credit for most of the files goes to Rehabman.


Manash is a blogger and web developer. He founded in 2018 to help people getting started with Hackintosh. Before launching he was working with various web projects.

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