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Download Intel WiFi kext for macOS

Last modified: Sat Jun 20 2020
Most of the notebooks that are releasing today are equipped with intel dual-band wireless cards. As they are not so costly as compared to their counterparts and perform really well in terms of speed and range, they became a perfect choice for notebook manufacturers. However till now, apple macOS doesn’t support these cards natively and … Read more
Macbooks are known for packing powerful specs under a slim body. Due to insufficient cooling, they run hot and if you are doing some heavy work the temperature even reaches around 90 degrees but no worries! we have found a fix for it ‘undervolting’. It can reduce your MacBook’s temperature by 10-15 degrees. The undervolting … Read more
After installing macOS the first thing you need to do is patching dsdt because patching dsdt eliminates so many errors. But patching dsdt is not an easy task and the guides available on the internet are so difficult to understand even I was unable to understand after 4-5 times. So I decided to write a … Read more

How to enable or disable SIP in Hackintosh

Last modified: Thu May 16 2019
SIP stands for “System integrity protection” as the name says, it restricts the power of root, So that malicious programs cannot modify or change the file-system permissions or load an unsigned kext etc. If you do any kind of modification that requires the SIP to be disabled like installing unsigned kext as I said above, … Read more

Beginner’s guide to fix audio on hackintosh

Last modified: Fri Jul 20 2018
Alike many other things in Hackintosh audio also doesn’t work out of the box, it requires some kext or patching to get it working without any problem. The audio is broken after a fresh install because apple natively only provides support for the audio chips that they use in their MACs. So it requires kext … Read more