How to enable or disable SIP in Hackintosh

Last Updated: Wed Jul 15 2020

SIP stands for “System integrity protection” as the name says, it restricts the power of root, So that malicious programs cannot modify or change the file-system permissions or load an unsigned kext etc.

If you do any kind of modification that requires the SIP to be disabled like installing unsigned kext as I said above, your system will be stuck in the loading screen displaying a “Disabled” symbol. This means that your system is not allowed to boot until and unless you remove the kext or disable your SIP.

However you might be thinking that this is a mac feature and is not functional in Hackintosh, but let me clarify you that SIP works in Hackintosh in the same way as it works in a MacBook.

In most of the cases, it doesn’t require to disable the SIP, In my case only one time I have disabled the SIP which is 2 years back when I was under-volting my Hackintosh.

However, I recommend you to keep the SIP enabled unless you really need to disable it, because by disabling the SIP your system becomes vulnerable to malware attacks. As Apple says “Without SIP a malware is only one step away from taking the full control of the system” and of course you won’t like to give a malware the full access of your system.

Now let’s dive into how you can disable the SIP in Hackintosh.

Method 1: Clover method.

If you are using clover bootloader then you will be happy to find out that clover has a built-in feature that allows to disable or enable SIP right from the clover menu.

Step 1. Boot into the clover

Step 2. Select options

Step 3. Select parameters.

Step 4. Select system integrity protection

Step 5. Check all the checkboxes, i.e, Allow Untrusted Kexts, Allow Unrestricted FS, Allow Task for PID etc.

Step 6. Back to the main clover menu and boot into the macOS.

To disable SIP get back to protection -> system integrity protection menu and uncheck everything.

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Method 2: Config.plist method.

The SIP can be also be disabled by editing the config.plist file. However, it is better to use the above method instead of this as some extra steps involved in this method.

Step 1. Mount your EFI partition using EFI mounter.

Step 2. Open the config.plist file using plist editor pro.

Step 3. Expand the RTvariables tab.

Step 4. Edit the CsrActiveConfig value to 0x67.

Step 5. Save the plist file and reboot your system.

To enable back the SIP simply change the value of CsrActiveConfig to 0x00.

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Method 3: The apple method.

As the name suggests this is the method that is used in original macs to disable SIP, but can also be used in Hackintoshes.

Step 1. Boot into the recovery drive or install media.

Step 2. Click on utilities and then terminal.

Step 3. On terminal type: csrutil disable

Step 4. Now reboot by typing reboot in the terminal.

To enable back type csrutil enable in the terminal.


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